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We’ve been in the business advising and assisting people in your work situation for over a decade. Securing a mortgage that is perfect for your situation is a stressful time, even more so if you’re a contractor or self-employed. With our knowledge of the business, our main goal is to take away the stress and hassle, offering a service that is friendly, professional and efficient.

The journey

Once you’re ready to get a mortgage, not knowing how to get started or where to go can cause you to feel overwhelmed and stressed. This makes you want to race to the end, to secure a mortgage as quickly as possible, resulting in you securing one that is not suitable for you.

Our philosophy isn’t purely about the end; we aim to make the journey an exciting experience, where it will match that feeling when you first move into your new home.

How do we do this? We build a relationship with you. We aren’t working for you, we’re working together, to secure the most suitable mortgage for you and your family. If after we’ve began the process, you have any worries or reservations, all you have to do is pick-up the phone and let us put your mind at ease.

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Our values


At the top of our priority list is you. We empathise with your situation and our services are designed specifically to make the process as easy as possible.

Team work

When you decide to work with us, you become part of the team. We will get to know each other, allowing us to work fast and efficiently together.


With our 10 years of experience, we’ve built relationships with all types of lenders. Once we get to know you, we know exactly who to call to get you the most suitable deal!

About Robin

Our founder & CEO

CFM was founded by Robin to offer a route for self-employed contractors and freelancers who struggle to get a mortgage with the high street bank, providing a truly personal and professional service to build long term relationships with all clients.

CFM’s aim is not only to secure one mortgage per client, but to help with all their mortgages until they are mortgage free, building lifelong client relationships. He also wants to bring self-employed professionals together, to join the exclusive community within CFM, giving them a platform where they can share their knowledge and experiences.

With over 16 years’ experience in financial services, and more recently solely working in the contractor and freelancer space, his knowledge and experience have helped him build a truly unique mortgage brokerage.

Your home may be repossessed if you don’t keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Let’s do it together!

  • Contactor friendly mortgages, if my experience with Kathryn at CFM is anything to go by, their name would be a lot longer containing a lot more superlatives. Before talking to Kathryn, I spoke to many other contractor mortgage specialists but none would consider the whole of my income because they told me I wouldn’t be able to get a mortgage. Unlike the others, Kathryn did something very simple and very obvious, she spoke to the mortgage provider to see if she could arrange a mortgage for me. And it worked.

    It didn’t just end there, I and my family had our heart set on a new build but the developers were not taking off plan reservations and we didn’t know when. For the following three months after our initial conversation, Kathryn answered every small, possibly inane question about mortgages, buying houses and anything in-between.

    When we finally made an application Kathryn and Jo were very helpful. This is where Jo came into her own, when I, my accountant and Jo got rather tired of the mortgage provider’s demand for documentation that could not be provided. Jo convinced the mortgage provider that they had all they needed to make an offer and the following day I had my offer.

    I wish I knew more contractors looking for mortgages to recommend them and even wish I could move again as the CFM team made applying for a mortgage a very pleasant and easy experience.

    Kathryn, I hope you continue to do well as a mortgage broker and anything else you may try, your attitude and approach deserves a good reward,


  • Having a number of peculiarities regarding my mortgage application I had used a number of brokers who basically gave up. Contacting CFM was my last throw of the dice and what a good throw that was.

    I was lucky enough to have Jo helping me with my mortgage. Jo is everything you need in an advisor, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and determined. She found a number of suitable lenders very quickly, she would keep me upto date regularly and helped me get things together when required.

    Getting a mortgage these days is never easy but Jo made it as simple as it ever will be. Thanks Jo for your professional approach.


    Allan Frost 

  • I can not thank Robin Taylor from CFM enough for all his time, effort and professionalism which he has showcased whilst helping me to secure a competitive mortgage.  As a professional myself working as a contractor I found the high street banks were struggling to understand my situation however Robin from CFM made the process seamless.  He always returned my calls, emails and kept me in the loop throughout the process always calling me at pre-agreed times to fit around my working pattern.

    Robin offers a free of charge service offering high quality advice up until a mortgage offer has been secured. Robin displayed fantastic customer service skills throughout and I would not hesitate to recommend him to my family and friends. It is refreshing to see someone so passionate about his role, Robin from CFM is a gold standard mortgage advisor. Thanks


  • Becoming a contractor was always going to mean complications when it came to getting a mortgage. Banks have turned me away previously based on salary and my chances of getting a mortgage offer seemed almost impossible until I found CFM.

    CFM gave me a different way in and with years of experience to support their advice, I was given a new set of criteria to meet. A far more logical approach was taken and within no time at all, Robin from CFM presented a strong case to the lender, who promptly offered me my first mortgage with great terms and flexibility. CFM has a good sense of customer service, integrity and treats every case as an individual matter – there was no sense of being just a statistic like I would be on the high street.

    I would highly recommend this broker for all contractors looking for a hassle-free mortgage. Robin will take care of everything from inception to the final mortgage offer from the lender – and offers continued support and advice throughout the completion process – all part of the package. Worth every penny.


  • It has been an absolute pleasure having Kathryn De Lorey working on our behalf to get us our mortgage. We found CFM online searching on google after having a hard time with other mortgage advisors trying to gain the correct advice on which mortgage to go with for our circumstances which resulted in us applying for a mortgage and not being offered enough as we didn’t meet their criteria.

    As soon as I spoke to Kathryn she made me feel at ease again about the mortgage application process which previously had been a nightmare 3 months with other companies. Kathryn was highly experienced and confident she could find us the right mortgage for our situation. Within a couple of weeks, we had gone from other mortgage companies telling us we could not get the mortgage we needed for our dream home to then speaking with Kathryn at CFM and receiving our mortgage offer. I highly recommend CFM they have been fantastic to work with from start to finish.

    Thank you to Kathryn and everyone at CFM.

    Mr & Mrs Lawson 

  • I have not only found the process simple, but as mortgages go, I have found it enjoyable. Jo and Megan have been amazing, very friendly and patient with me throughout. Jo has always taken the time to explain the process to me if I haven’t understood and I genuinely feel that Jo had my best interests in mind. Megan has been equally understanding with following up and making sure my documents were all in order. I found the online portal very easy to use and will definitely use as a selling point when recommending CFM in the future.

    Michael D

We promise a friendly and professional service, where the journey of finding you the perfect mortgage will be done together.

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